The 6 best health technology websites of 2016

Health technology or health IT, according to WHO – the World Health Organization, applying the organized knowledge and skills in the form of a devices, medication, vaccination, procedures, and systems developed will help to solve a series of health problem and improve quality of lives.” Although it is a fairly new industry, according to sources, health technology is expected to top over $50 billion globally at the end of 2017. It is a growing industry that has made a significant impact online.

Since its popularity is at its peak, health technology blogs or websites are proliferating everywhere on the Internet. As such, choosing one or two that you can trust has become quite challenging. While there are a lot of sites that are reliable and relevant, there are also others that pretend to provide reliable healthcare information. Thus, when trying to find one, it is best to look for reliable sources like a list of the best of the best. One example is this list of the six best health IT websites of 2016.


The health IT sites in this list are arranged in no particular order. Each one has its own specialty.


This website is where you will find information and discussions on issues related to health technology and the establishments and organizations that are directly affected by these issues. Likewise, there are discussions touching on integrated health systems, IT leadership, and the planning and implementation of several trends in health technology. With all the information Healthcare Informatics offers, industry practitioners and leaders are constantly updated and can make informed decisions that help improve their quality of service.


HISTalk started in 2003 and was established by an IT person who works for a non-profit hospital. He created the website so he could share his thoughts and ideas about the healthcare technology industry. While he started the site alone, the author, who wishes to remain anonymous, now works with a doctor (for consultation purposes), a certain Lt. Dan, Donna (for sponsor announcements), Jenn (writer), and Lorre (for webinars and other administrative tasks). HISTalk combines news and opinions in reaching out to the general population, and to the health technology practitioners as well.

3. 33 CHARTS

33 Charts describes itself as a “sandbox for new ideas.” Generally, it features information related to digital health, technology, communication, humanities, and digital culture, among others. These ultimately help provide a better understanding of the evolving medical industry. Additionally, 33 Charts also serves as a community for doctors, healthcare workers, and thought leaders who want to gain better insights of the digital world. It became a part of the National Library of Medicine in 2014.


This health IT website was developed by a group of healthcare veterans who worked closely with Dr. David A. Burton. Their experience in data warehousing is a result of this collaboration, as Dr. Burton is best known for his work in transforming the clinical process with the aid of analytics. As a data warehouse platform, The Health Catalyst plays an important role in improving the quality of service in the healthcare industry. Its applications are used by some hospitals and healthcare centers in the United States. Its main objective is to unify healthcare data with the help of technology.


The Healthcare Guy is where you will find relevant information about digital health, life sciences IT, bioinformatics, and digital medical devices. It is managed by a team headed by Shahid Shah, a health IT specialist, technology strategist, entrepreneur, speaker, and writer with more than 26 years of experience. He is also considered an enterprise software guru. The Healthcare Guy features health technology news and issues like digital health retail stores, health IoT, cyber security in healthcare, and technological innovations in medicine.


The Digital Health Corner is a blog/website that focuses on digital health and medicine. It is managed by David Lee Scher, MD, who is the founder of DLS Healthcare Consulting LLC. He is a renowned digital health thought leader who has an extensive experience in providing advice to healthcare providers and digital health technology companies. Aside from being board certified in cardiovascular diseases, clinical cardiac electrophysiology, and internal medicine, Scher is also a speaker who goes around the world sharing his knowledge and experiences about mobile health technologies. The Digital Health Corner is his online platform for information dissemination regarding his specialties, knowledge, professional advice, and experiences.

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