Changing ISP? Here Are 5 Things You Should Consider

Are you struggling with your current internet service provider?

Technology continuously evolves, allowing ISPs to provide better service for its customers. Competing providers always come up with ways to attract the subscribers of the other network. They do this by coming up with better internet plans.

However, switching to another ISP is not an easy task. You will have to make sure that you get the best out of your buck!

Here are five things to take into consideration before you change your ISP.

1. Bandwidth

Internet speed is typically the reason why people switch to another internet service provider. It’s critical to know your ideal internet speed, especially if people in your location are heavy users.

Here are three types of internet connectivity that are usually offered by internet service providers.

This type of connection is not very fast. It has its limits. Some carriers also have appalling customer support. Although it is one of the least expensive options available, you will only get what you pay for. The average speed of a DSL connection is usually less than 1.5 Mbps.

Many residences avail this type of internet connectivity. It is a right kind of internet connection, with a large allowance for downloads. However, it also has its limits. The standard speed of cable connection is usually 5 to 20 Mbps.

This type of connection is relatively new and is not yet available all over the world. However, this is the best type of internet access available in the world today. It is very fast and can handle a lot of bandwidths.

2. Firewall and Routers

Before switching to another internet service provider, make sure you look into the firewall and router. It is responsible for taking care of the traffic for your outbound data. Typically, DSL providers give routers to its customers. If you are planning to upgrade to another form of internet connection, you might have to purchase a new router and firewall to suit your needs. You must also be knowledgeable about your firewall and router’s password and configurations. To avoid encountering a lot of problems and mishaps, make sure you know everything about this before switching to another ISP. Also, your five-year-old router may not be able to handle the features of your new Fiber connection. It might be a better idea to purchase a new one from your local electronics depot.

3. Hosting

This is not typically a problem for homes and private connections but will be a big problem for businesses and organizations. If your current provider hosts your e-mail, make sure you do all the necessary updates before you go into the big switch. Also, make sure you do all necessary updates and upgrades especially if your internet service provider hosts your website. Look into other Internet-based hosting companies so that you will never have to go through this type of problem again.

4. Lead Time

Changing internet service providers is not a piece of cake. Also, it cannot happen overnight. There are internet companies who have a period of one to two months before they can install their services. Before switching internet service providers, make sure you know how long installation will take.

5. Customer Support

Many internet users have no idea on how to fix their routers. A lot of people are not tech savvy and when Internet connectivity problems arise, getting in touch with customer support can be a huge problem.

Before you choose your new internet service provider, make sure you have an idea of how their customer service is like. Ask around and check out reviews online. Your friends and colleagues might have had negative experiences with individual companies.

Remember, there are internet service providers who give excellent after sales support, but some companies are also very unresponsive when it comes to repairs and post-purchase queries.

Having a reliable internet connection is essential in today’s world. It allows you to stay connected with your friends and it keeps you updated on what’s happening in the world.

So, are you ready to switch internet service providers?

Take note of the points above and look for the best service provider today!

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