6 Huge Tech Startups That Are Most Likely to be Extremely Successful Very Soon

Tech startups are taking the world by storm!

Since everyone has access to different kinds of technologies, experts from all around the globe are coming together to create new and innovative applications and services that benefit the human race!

These startups create more opportunities and possibilities for us to explore technology and its benefits for the planet!

In celebration of their talent, here are six startups you may not know that are garnering success for their innovative ideas.

Boom by Global Delight


This is a fantastic app by Global Delight that can improve the sound quality of any audio track played on your smartphone or device. It simulates surround sound and gives you full control of your music with an equalizer and an audio intensity slider. It’s currently only available for the iOS, but the Android version is right around the corner! Even if you’re using cheap $15 earphones, you’ll be surprised of the sound quality amplification of Boom!



DropCar is another innovative app that solves the traffic problems we all hate! Based in New York City, DropCar allows you to leave your car with trusted hands especially if you’re in a hurry. If you’re up for a short stay in the city to pass by a store or attend a meeting, a person from DropCar can drive or park your car without you having to worry about it! For individuals who don’t know, parking in New York City may cost $30 and up especially in places with high doses of traffic. We are all aware of how difficult it can get to find parking especially when you’re rushing. DropCar might be the perfect solution for you!



Michael Burtov founded Geoorbital through Kickstarter and successfully raised $1 million for his innovative invention! With Geoorbital, you can turn any bicycle into an electric vehicle capable of moving at 20 mph for 20 miles. This is a great feat especially for people moving around on busy city streets. This startup aims to go to work without breaking a sweat. We all know how unavoidable it can be to go without ruining your shirt, especially if you’re biking or walking to work. This simple replacement wheel can solve all your problems and give you a hassle-free journey to work and back home every day.



This startup is an excellent company that helps women improve their careers and guide them through expert coaches and multiple sources of advice. Through this startup, women can access a huge pool of resources and many tools to create their professional portfolio. This project aims to uplift women and grant them the success, and they deserve by developing them into leaders in their fields.



Timelooper is a cool app that allows you to relive your best moments through the magic of virtual reality. With Timelooper and an affordable VR headset, you will be able to return to your favorite places, the best concerts you’ve watched or even some moments you’ve yet to experience. Timelooper is an epic startup that will garner great success, for sure!



VicoVR is an innovative sensor that allows you to use your entire body in VR. Isn’t that simply amazing? It’s pushing the boundaries of virtual reality as we speak! Through this system, you will be able to fully integrate all your movements into the world of virtual reality!

These startups and applications are incredible indeed! Who knew that we could become so technologically advanced in a short amount of time? These startups will become the next set of innovators soon enough!

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